Our Centre in Malaysia

Kadam Tashi Choe Ling  Dharma centre was founded in 1995 under the spiritual guidance of Kyabje Dagpo Rinpoche. It was officially registered as a society on 17th August 2007 under the name of Persatuan Kadam Tashi Choe Ling Malaysia.

The mission of the centre is to work for the benefit of all sentient beings through the spreading of Lord Buddha's teachings, in particular the Lamrim or the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.

The centre regularly organizes teachings, study group sessions, meditation and prayer sessions. In addition, it publishes transcriptions of teachings given by Kyabje Dagpo Rinpoche and other masters whom have taught at the centre.

Members participate in these activities with the aim of working towards progressively reducing their faults and at the same time increasing their good qualities so as to enable them to lead happier lives and ultimately be able to work for the welfare of all sentient beings.



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