History of KTCL
Kadam Tashi Choe Ling Malaysia came into being through a story epitomized by moments of exceptional causes and conditions coming together. Listed below is its history set out via a chronology of key events :-

It began with a visit to meet Rinpoche and Lan Tjoa in Singapore by Mrs. Tan and her daughter, Irene. The meeting was brief and pleasant. Soon it was time to bid their farewells, but what defined this moment was a seemingly casual invitation made by Mrs. Tan to Rinpoche to come stay at her home in Malaysia on his next visit to the East, to which Rinpoche replied with a smile and a thank you. Just like the planting of a tiny seed on a vast field, little did we realize the implications that were to unfold from that informal liaison.

The following year, Mrs. Tan got a call from Lan in Holland informing her that Rinpoche would likely be making a trip to the East again that year. He had been invited to give a teaching in Malaysia and would very much like to accept her offer to stay at her home. It was on this occasion that the entire Tan Family and close family friends got to meet Rinpoche for the first time.

A relationship slowly began to form over the coming years and all of us here in Malaysia would look forward to Rinpoche’s yearly visits where he would stay in Mrs. Tan’s home whilst giving teachings in various dharma centres.
This year marked the unveiling of another defining moment for Malaysian students to be . Rinpoche was invited to give a Lamrim teaching/retreat up at a resort up in the mountains called Cameron Highlands and what followed would be a kindling of the minds of several of Rinpoche's eventual key students to the Buddha dharma and started an irreversible flood of faith with Rinpoche as a Spiritual Guide.

A request was made to Rinpoche whether a dharma centre could be offered to him for future teachings in Malaysia . Rinpoche gave his blessings and at a simple abode in the modest neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya, Rinpoche will so joyously appear year after year to grace us with the gift of Dharma notably that of the Mahayana lineage teachings of Lord Atisha . The first teaching by Rinpoche at the Centre would be the topic Mind and Mental Factor . During Rinpoche's annual visits to Malaysia many of his students, at times over 100 , would converge into the cramp quarters of the Old Town centre thirsty to soak in the nectar of Rinpoche's teachings.

2003 - 2007
Taking inspiration from attending the "Liberation in Our Hands" teachings in Mont Dore , France, students in Malaysia requested for Rinpoche to teach students here in an environment emulating the solitude style that would prove effective for participants to shed distracting routines of life. KTCL would go on to organise a series of yearly retreat in Sepang , Malaysia with topics such as Refuge, How to rely upon your Spiritual Master, Four Noble Truths and Lines of Experience.

During these years we were also supported by Venerable Jampel Parchin who took time off his personal studies to help students learn about the Fundamentals of Buddhism.

It soon became apparent that the old premises was no longer able to fit the growing numbers of followers, and thus required us to look for a larger premise. With Rinpoche’s blessings, the new premise was identified and renovations began in early 2007 and completed within the same year. The new Centre now comfortably accommodates more students and also provide limited lodgings to those that may come from afar.

The inauguration of the new temple was held on the 16th November, 2007. To mark this special occasion, Rinpoche gave us a teaching on the Heart Sutra over four days . Alongside this development, Kadam Tashi Choe Ling was also officially registered as a Society on the 17th August 2007 and is now formally known as Persatuan Kadam Tashi Choe Ling Malaysia.

We were privileged that we managed to request Venerable Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen , whilst on a special private visit to Asia that Geshe- lag would teach us an intensely powerful teaching on the Eight Versus of Mind Training . Hans van den Bogaert from Holland also kindly flew in to KL to help out with translation.

Visit of Venerable Khenzur Rinpoche Lobsang Tenpa, who is the Drepung Tripa, the most senior abbot of the entire monastery of Drepung with its two colleges Gomang and Loseling. Rinpoche taught us The Four Great Seals and Karma and its effects.

Visit of Kyapje Ling Choktrul Rinpoche , reincarnation of the senior tutor to His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama . Rinpoche would be so kind as to expound on the Foundation of All Excellence , and this is indeed an auspicious moment for our Centre as Rinpoche also seem to respond positively to earnest request for him to teach in Malaysia again.

This year also marked an inaugural Webcast ( Video transmission via Internet  )  at the occasion of the teachings on the Nyur Lam given by Rinpoche at Kadam Tcheuling Bordeaux  from May 21th to May 24th 2009. Soon we would be repeatedly receiving many of Rinpoche's teachings from Europe and then India through Webcast , enabling foreign students including Malaysia to savour many more Dharma sessions , which would otherwise be unavailable to us.
Webcast of His Holiness teachings in Paris on Ethics and Society.

Teachings on The Five Paths of the Three Vehicles by Geshe Yonten Gyatso . The transmission could take place thanks also to the use of internet technology for our translator Rosemary Patton to translate from a time zone in the opposite side of the world.

During the year we also warmly received an entourage of the Sangha community from Kadam Choe Ling Indonesia to our centre, who were here praying amongst other things for the well being of KTCL. A short dharma discourse on ' How to embrace Dharma into our daily lives ' was given by Venerable Rahmat.


We warmly welcomed Venerable Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen back to teach us again in January of this year a topic essentially to cater for general Buddhist practitioners on 'How to lead a meaningful life through controlling our minds and cherishing others'





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